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I love Sei Bella "Timeless" age defying serum. The problem is the container is non- opaque and I cannot tell how much product is left. If the container were opaque then it would be easier to know when to order. I have decided that I can no longer afford to have many containers around and guess which is empty or not.

I have decided to go to another product when the final container is empty. Blah, blah,blah, blah, blah. Blad, blah. As you can tell i have nomore to add to my original comments.

Beverly Wright



No mean to be disrespectful, but that was the dumbest complaint I've ever heard.

Indiana, United States #870384

Sorry this review you posted is ridiculous and unhelpful.First of all,"opaque" means "not clear" or "not see-through," so I believe you mean to say you wish the Sei Bella container would be made out of a clear container vs.

one that is opaque, so you could see how much product is available. I use the product and have no problem with it. Many products (e.g. shampoo bottles, sunscreen, laundry detergent) are packaged in opaque containers.

For some, it's to protect the product from light, as light will degrade the ingredients faster. I believe this is true for a lot of cosmetics. I just use the product and can tell (a bit) by weight, when it is about to run out. Obviously--when you pump it and nothing comes out (just like a shaving cream container), you need more.

Why not figure out about how fast you use the product and make sure you have a second bottle ready to go?

I like the way the Sei Bella product feels and smells, but haven't noticed it reducing the color of brown spots on my face, so that's my only issue with the product.

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